….is better than ever under new chef and owner Rick Aco (rhymes with taco). Two recent meals have convinced us that this place hasn’t lost a step since Aco took over in May. He’s kept many of the former recipes of Rita Sirivastava, but has tweaked a few for the better, and is now even bottling his own chutney’s for in-house or take-home savoring. Aco is about as Indian as ELV’s staff, but this Tao alum (he worked at both the New York and Vegas Tao outposts — but we won’t hold that against him) clearly has a flare and passion for the food of the sub-continent. And if you’re a vegetarian, there’s no tastier place in town to eschew meat whilst chewing your roughage.


4604 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 6

Las Vegas, NV 89102


5 thoughts on “SAMOSA FACTORY…

  1. John, Congrads on another great view. I have been going there since Rick has taken over and he and his staff do a great job.

  2. couldn’t agree more — super new decore in the last year ….mmmm butter chicken! peshwari nan…..

  3. Actually this place isn’t worth the trip. The original spoke of authenticity. THIS re-invention smacks of a callous americanization that all styles are subject to now and again. The meals can’t find a balance of spices, the wait staff hovers, the presentation is sloppy, the decor is Disneyfied. And this is the very last time I’ll try naan that is blackened worse than over done cajun food. If a place cannot do better than chewy lamb, are they truly doing Indian cusine any favors? Some things change for the better, this isn’t one of them.

  4. HEY CHRIS, I’m sure your favorite place to eat is….. let me guess tao, lavo, sizzler, dennys and the buffet at the sunset station. When you have a palate like John Curtus then we will let you type!! jackass!!

  5. To Chris-After researching Indian restaurants for vegetarian food in Las Vegas, I noticed the exact tone and negativity from a Chris W on Yelp with the same date as your post on this website. And after reading your other Yelp reviews you sound dull, pretentious, and boring. In your yelp reviews I find your wit not very witty and your wit could only be enjoyed by someone as miserable as yourself. May I suggest you look for a good oral surgeon as you may have gum disease which would suggest your inability to chew the delicious indian food properly. Another suggestion for the next time you go out to eat is for you to leave the baggage and the thesaurus at home and just relax, take small bites to chew if your gum disease or stomach ailment is rectified and eat to enjoy your significant others company instead of bringing your misery and negativity to the table. It is obvious from the yelp review that you have a personal vendetta against the Samosa Factory and some of the other restaurants that you “reviewed”. It is people like you that suck the energy out of small business owners because of the attention that you so much desire. I pray that you don’t go back to the Samosa Factory so that there will be a table available for someone who wants to be there and who will enjoy the experience of this amazing little restaurant. By the way if you want authentic indian food then go to India, where it is greasy, heavy and unsanitary. The Samosa Factory is the BEST INDIAN FOOD IN LAS VEGAS! There is an art to dining (which you don’t know or have) and there is an art to writing (which you wish you had).

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