It is a well known, historical fact that entire wars have been lost because of German food. Throughout history, the German Army has pretty much had its way with its opponents until lunchtime. But after a typical repast of butterschnitzel (breaded veal fried in butter), kalbsieber mit zwebein und apfein (calves liver with apples), buletten (Berlin meatballs), a wurst platter, sprats, eisbein (pork knuckle), two kinds of kraut, a dumpling the size of your head, some strudel mit schlag, bier, und schnapps….remounting (a horse or a tank) became difficult to impossible. That’s when everyone from Marcus Aurelius to Napoleon to George Patton made their move.

Cafe Heidelberg’s food does nothing to destroy this cliche, but regardless, is authentic and tasty in ways that’ll have you feeling like this in no time.

The array of sausages here are splendid indeed, and the two kinds of kraut that kome with every platter are the tastiest sour and (not too) sweet versions we’ve had outside of Munich. Equally good is the sauerbraten, and the spaetzle is nothing to sneeze at either.

As for the decor, it’s as kitschy as it komes — but then again, Germans praktikally invented the word, so owner Tanya Ferris kan be forgiven for the realistik Bavarian touches that dot the modest dining room.

She took over the place in 1997 and is responsible for this location celebrating its 44th year of kontinuous operation. Amazingly, even in the heat of summer, you kan find Germans and German-wannabe’s populating the booths and buying mustards, meats and breads from the take-out kounter.

ELV’s staff is also partikularly fond of the German beer selektion, although the wine list could use some serious updating. Aktually, it’s kind of odd that Lotus of Siam, just akross the street, has a better riesling list…but given her space rekuirements, we can forgive Ferris this infraktion.

Dinner for two will run you anywhere from $60-80+, depending upon how much beer or wine you drink. Lunch is about half that.


610 East Sahara Ave. #2

Las Vegas, NV 89104