Dessert of the Year – Paris-Brest at EATT


ELV note: Here they are, food fans, the only restaurant awards that count in our humble burg. Put together by three devoted critics — Jim Begley, Mitchell Wilburn and yours truly — and thoroughly vetted by über-editor Andrew Kiraly, these accolades get published every year in Desert Companion magazine, and are the result of intense research, discussion and fat-chewing. I’m only reprinting the ones I wrote for the ‘zine on these pages today (as sort of a Merry Christmas present to all the recipients), but to see the complete list and article, click here.

There are two requirements for a dessert to be magnificent: one, that it be intense; and two, that it be French. A French renaissance of sorts has blossomed off the Strip in the last year, and the team at Eatt is one of the restaurants doing the food of its homeland proud. On a menu full of standouts both lavish and light, it is Vincent Pellerin’s desserts that will have you swooning — and forgetting about all the delicious, healthy fare you just had for dinner. These classic cream puffs, named to celebrate the Paris-to-Brest bicycle race, are filled with a praline cream, then topped with a house-made chocolate bar and caramelized hazelnuts. They come three to an order, which won’t be enough — whether there’s one person at the table, or three.


7865 W. Sahara Ave.