Summer Dish Review – Peas and Carrots at CARSON KITCHEN

 Chefs are always trying to think of ways to sex vegetables up.

Probably because “eat your vegetables” may be the least sexy phrase in the English language.

Vegetarian and vegan chefs (generally) fail miserably at these endeavors (despite their protestations about “loving” vegetables) because most of them are motivated more by a fear of food than an appreciation for it. (Think about it: How sexy can anything be if you’re afraid of it?)

But put some well-chosen produce in the hands of an accomplished cook and wonderful things happen.

Exhibit One: The Peas & Carrots at Carson Kitchen.

Cooked in stock, swathed in butter, and accented with micro-greens and softened onions, they are best-tasting version of this old “Swanson’s TV Dinners” staple ever concocted.

Remember those peeled back aluminum trays?

Image result for swanson's tv dinners

Yeah, we’d like to forget about them forever, too. But somehow the metal-flecked, alum-scented, steamed-beyond-belief everything is seared into our brain.

It ruined us for peas and carrots for forty years, until Chef John Courtney took us by the hand one hot summer day in July and showed us the light.

Can vegetables get any tastier? Or prettier? Or sexier?

We don’t think so.

They’re so good, they’ll make you forget the Fifties.