ELV’s Big Week

ELV note: We are getting:http://vanessasantilli.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/marriage-2.jpg

….this morning (to the long suffering Food GalĀ®):

(A real tomato with some not-real tomatoes)

…then flying immediately to:


…where we will eat lots of:


…and drink lots of:


…to celebrate our nuptials and the publication this week of:


Yeah, you could say it’s a BIG week for us.

FYI: We will try to post some pictures of our Japanese food adventures on this site in the coming days (as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), so check in during the week to see what we’re eating. (Be advised though, that our beloved, betrothed Alexandra has forbade us from furiously blogging or posting things on social media during the honeymoon (apparently due to her romantic delusion that there is something to do in Japan other than eat), so our missives will be more like snapshots and postcards, rather than the lucid, verbose, insightful and witty prose to which you’ve become accustomed.)

Kanpai to all of our loyal readers:http://cx.aos.ask.com/question/aq/1400px-788px/much-sumo-wrestler-weigh_8504c830e8e97862.jpg


Your humble sensei:




4 thoughts on “ELV’s Big Week

  1. Congrats to you sir and thank you again for all that you do for us who are so desperately addicted to the LV food scene. Your book arriving this week in time for my Memorial Day trip is a true gift. Have a fantastic week!

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