How GLUTTON Makes a Better Burger

ELV note: In case you missed it, here is chef/owner Bradley Manchester of  Glutton, on Wake Up With the CW last Friday morning, explaining what goes into his superlative burger. For future reference (and for all of you early rising foodies out there), KSNV TV (NBC) Channel 3 in Las Vegas has expanded its chef/restaurants/food morning segments on Fridays.

Henceforth, we will be doing a short food-oriented segment right before 7:00 am on Wake Up With the Wagners with Kim Wagner — featuring local (and Strip) restaurants and purveyors — and then a longer one, later the next hour on Wake Up With the CW, wherein we hope to give a little more time to the subject of the day, including interviews with local foodies, chefs, and restaurant personalities.

See you on the CW!