PUBLICUS is Open and Baking “For the People”

ELV note: Several of our loyal readers went by PublicUs today for lunch and found the place closed. Apparently a power outage forced a closure of the premises this morning and, as of his writing, the restaurant/bakery has yet to re-open. We at ELV shall keep you informed.

PublicUs means “For the People” in Latin.

PublicUs — the restaurant — means there’s another good place to eat in downtown Las Vegas. Hashtag: #DTLVEats.

PublicUs — the restaurant — is also a bakery. A bakery that’s baking its ass off like downtown Vegas has never seen before.

PublicUs opened its doors for the very first time at 7:00 am this morning. We were customer #3.

As you can see above, the interior is drop dead gorgeous.

The pastries match the decor. In fact, they’re the best baked goods we’ve had in this town that didn’t have Thomas Kellers, Michael Mina’s or Megan Romano’s name attached to them.

For the record, we had the following:

> Italian sausage calzone (good)

> Croissant (slightly under-baked but very good)

> Candied bacon and Gruyere quiche (exceptional)

> Banana bread (dense, moist and totally banana-y)

> A chocolate brownie cookie-thing that’s worth selling your children for

> A giant cookie-scone-thing that made me want to cheat on Megan Romano

> A one pound boule of French bread:

…that is worth a detour all by itself.

For the record #2: the chef/baker’s name is Hemant Kishore (a gentleman of Indian – dots not feathers – extraction) who will be one to watch.

Watch all you want, but plan to be eating here while you’re doing it. Because PublicUs is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

PublicUs is located at 1126 East Fremont Street (on the corner of Fremont and Maryland Parkway – or “Fort Apache” as our foodie friend Don Cramer calls it).

Yes, it is on the fringes of the downtown Las Vegas restaurant renaissance, but the accessibility couldn’t be easier and the parking situation is as warm as the welcome.

So you have no excuse, pilgrim.


1126 East Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101



3 thoughts on “PUBLICUS is Open and Baking “For the People”


  2. I’m a morning person so I have been by for the morning rush. Breakfast is excellent and also a must try on the menu section is what they call toast. The espresso was superb and why not the man making it I was told is the #2 man in the nation, I also recommend a hot tea they call London Fog. I’m rating it as Mmmmmm Good.

  3. Unreal place…A true epicurean gem on East Fremont…

    Make tracks there now…before all the other folks show up and you wouldn’t be able to get a seat…

    It is THAT good…

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