NOVECENTO PIZZERIA: Gone in 90 Seconds

An opening down on the Eastern/215, of a unique, rustic pizza place leaves everyone asking the same question, “This isn’t the first location?”


Opened about 10 months ago and a good 25 miles away, Novecento the First is nestled far, far, far, far further than anyone should consider driving for a slice of ‘zah.  Hence the limited audience, until Novecento the Second opened a few weeks ago.  Good word after good word got me in there, and I’m really glad I did.

Start off with that kind of dough that New Yorkers/Italians/Chicagannites seem to think is geographically linked to magical druid spirit worlds, a Subway-style line of ingredients with more than a few surprises (prosciutto de parma was an eyebrow raiser, capers were another), an absolute rocket engine of an oven, and 90 seconds later you’ve got a pretty sweet pizza.  All charred like on the bottom, nice and crispy on top, and not super wet, like even good places will end up being.  I tell ya, I ordered one of those Tartufi pizzas from Due Forni the other day, it was like a bread bowl of Cream of Truffle soup. (ZING)

A pie that won't leave you limp!

Now, completely separate from me writing this, a friend mentioned their visit to a unique Italian restaurant/deli called Parma, up on Washington.  A place, wherein a server mentioned also being connected to two wood-fired pizza places.  It turns out it is owned by the same guy, Chef Marc.  This guy is some kind of specter of the off-strip dining world!  I’m only hearing good things about these restaurants, but nothing about them being connected.  If I ever get the free time to make it up on Buffalo and Washington, I’m checking this place out.  However, a good three years ago, Mr. ELV was left lukewarm by their pasta, but interested overall.

Sides! They are all salads.

It’s rare I find a simple non-sit-down spot that is worth talking about, but the first arm of this city-wide conspiracy theory that is Chef Marc’s trio is definitely worth it.  Take the red pill, see for yourself.

See the strings behind the pizza...


5705 Centennial Center Blvd. Suite 170

Las Vegas, NV 89149



9460 South Eastern Ave.

Henderson, NV

5 thoughts on “NOVECENTO PIZZERIA: Gone in 90 Seconds

  1. These pizzas first saw life on Wednesday night’s over at Parma, with a portable oven out in the parking lot. And perhaps the many requests for “pizza full time” made by so many on those visits helped to make Novecento happen. The “Roma” was a particular Wednesday evening favorite, and while there is competition with the likes of Settebello, and the sadly declining Due Forni, these crusts do have just a bit more oomph than traditional Neapolitan (as Mitchell noted so well, not as wet). As always, passion makes a difference.

  2. Not a bad pizza.
    Certainly better than the fake Grimaldi’s nonsense. Or Due Forni. Or Dom De Marco. Or Sammy’s.

    But cannot compete with Settebello for that sweet, buttery, chewy, charred-on-the-bottom work-of-art they make.

  3. I had the pizza a few weeks ago during the soft opening.. I just couldn’t get past the “wet” pizza feel in my mouth. I am sure I added too many ingredients (mushrooms are a big mistake) however.. soft and gooey dough wasn’t what I had in mind.

    And agreeing with Joseph, it doesn’t shine a candle to Settebello

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