Greek Food Festival on Wake Up With the Wagners

Looking transplendent in his all-white attire — and bedecked with the de rigueur Greek fisherman cap — ELV put in his annual plug for the Greek Food Festival this morning on Wake Up With the Wagners — at the ungodly hour of 6:15 am.*

The festival begins this afternoon at 3:00 o’clock on the grounds of the St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church,** where ELV will be working at the bar and serving up ouzoritas*** all night long.

Kali orixi! (“bon appetit” in Greek) to all, and see you at the bar!


* There are only two things a gentlemen should be doing at 6 o’clock in the morning: sleeping….or coming home and getting ready to go to sleep.

** located at near the corner of Hacienda and south Jones Blvd.
*** like a margarita, only made with ouzo….and seriously good.

1 thought on “Greek Food Festival on Wake Up With the Wagners

  1. Holy Mackarel, Mr. Curtas!
    ….. and I’m not talking about religious fish! My wife and I did indeed make it to the 41st Greek Food Festival. You were correct abut the quality of food that was at the festival. I don’t think we have tasted better and as you mentioned it is the best Greek food restaurant in existance but only open once a year for 3 days. I think it would take three separate visits to experience the foodie delights that exist in every tent. This was also my 1st experience with Greek beer …… a most pleasant experience I might add. The entire service staff of the festival were EXTREMEMLY pleasant and accomodating as were the patrons that were lined up waiting for their orders. I heard nary a whine or snivel anywhere. Prices were reasonable as you mentioned. Heck, I even won the parking lottery as we pulled into vacated spot right beside the church.

    Even caught your segment on “Wake Up With the Wagners” on Fridy AM.
    In regards to self preservation JC you might not want to give up your job in the legal profession! *grin* I didn’t see you pouring OUZO on Friday evening as promised …. or maybe you were already “under the table”?

    With the number of customers, celebrants and cars that were there you might want to investigate the shuttle service I heard about from one of my fellow patrons in the food line. I can’t recall if you mentioned it previously but you should possibly detail the shuttle service for next year.

    Absolutely frikkin’ fantastic! Same time, same place next year?

    Al & Carol

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