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Through these doors on Las Vegas Boulevard South:

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….standing  in the shadow of both the Olympic Garden strip club (literally) and the Luv-it-Custard ice cream stand (figuratively), lies the best goddamned gelato ever to melt on a Las Vegas sidewalk.

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The brainchild of pastry chef Desyreé G. Alberganti, these luscious concoctions are all made on premises, with all natural flavors, no additives, and a ton of passion — passion (and intensity) you can taste with every silky smooth spoonful.

It is gelato so good that we at ELV think it could soon challenge Luv-it for frozen dessert fabulousness on this little corner of our humble burg. (Truth be told, Luv-it-Custard hasn’t been the same ever since the original owner stopped manning the booth a few years ago. Now, it’s run by a bunch of teenagers and it tastes (and feels) generic.)

There’s nothing generic about AoFG, however, and after one bite of the cioccalato di pepperocino (chocolate spiced with the back-of-the-throat warming glow of peppers), you’ll be tempted to abandon that forlorn little shed around the corner forever.

Yeah, it’s that good.


1616 Las Vegas Blvd. South #130

Las Vegas, NV 89104


6 Responses to ART OF FLAVORS is Open!

  • I’m done with Luv It. The gelato and sorbet at Art of Flavors are amazing and Desyree is a sweetheart. Be adventurous and sample some of the seemingly odd flavors (sweet corn, cucumber with ginger) – they’ve all been fantastic. I’m so glad she’s in the neighborhood. Bonus: You can wait inside and she takes debit/credit cards (unlike Luv It).

  • She just needs to hire Greg to run the counter and it’ll feel like 2009 all over again.

  • No matter how many flavors are shown in the photos, any essay on Art of Flavors without capturing Desyree’s smile is incomplete.

  • Check out Suzuya.
    fantastic little patisserie south of the 215 on durango

  • Wow…cant believe they have fior di latte. Only place outside of Italy to have that flavor

  • Just tried that spiced chocolate. Like a party in my mouth but with someone getting beaten up in the back. I would definitely return to try more.

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