Going Gaga For the Good Stuff at GELATOLOGY

Great gelato is harder to find than an oenophile with a healthy liver, or a gambler with a solvent bank account.

Finding mediocre gelato is easy. It’s everywhere you see the word “gelato.” It’s in malls, it’s in shopping centers, it’s in restaurants. Gelato is everywhere these days, and everywhere you see gelato you can bet dollars to doughnuts it came from a box, a mix, or a factory.

How can you spot industrial gelato? Easy. Just look for wild and exotic flavoring gee gaws:


….and/or swirling syrups:


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Through these doors on Las Vegas Boulevard South:

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….standing¬† in the shadow of both the Olympic Garden strip club (literally) and the Luv-it-Custard ice cream stand (figuratively), lies the best goddamned gelato ever to melt on a Las Vegas sidewalk.

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The brainchild of pastry chef Desyre√© G. Alberganti, these luscious concoctions are all made on premises, with all natural flavors, no additives, and a ton of passion — passion (and intensity) you can taste with every silky smooth spoonful.

It is gelato so good that we at ELV think it could soon challenge Luv-it for frozen dessert fabulousness on this little corner of our humble burg. (Truth be told, Luv-it-Custard hasn’t been the same ever since the original owner stopped manning the booth a few years ago. Now, it’s run by a bunch of teenagers and it tastes (and feels) generic.)

There’s nothing generic about AoFG, however, and after one bite of the cioccalato di pepperocino (chocolate spiced with the back-of-the-throat warming glow of peppers), you’ll be tempted to abandon that forlorn little shed around the corner forever.

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Yeah, it’s that good.


1616 Las Vegas Blvd. South #130

Las Vegas, NV 89104