Pea-ness Perfection

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Many years ago, on KNPR-Nevada Public Radio, the pre-moniker ELV described a meal by quoting the great James Beard: “Great cooking should reflect and exalt the essence and the uniqueness of the ingredients,” Beard said. “A lobster dish should possess  lobster-ness; a great steak: steak-ness.”

We went on to say that we didn’t know anything about those dishes at the place we were reviewing, but we did have the pea soup, and it certainly contained the requisite…well, it was pretty darn good too.

These days, we don’t have to worry about offending the sensibilities of the older-than-dirt public radio demographic, so we revel in our new-found language freedom.

Which brings us to the picture above — our latest example of pea-ness perfection.

Besides being practically pristine in its pea-fection,  is also seasonal and healthy eating at its best…and a ton of fun.

What you are looking at is fresh-from-the-garden “Salt and Pepper Grilled Peas,” roasted in their shells, then eaten from the inside out, edamame-style. “It’s like edamame on crack,” is how one of our dining companions put it, and that was as apt a description as we can think of. All the bright, sunny/sweet herbaceousness of a fresh pea is given just the right char (for the barest touch of smoke) and the right seasonings for an addictive kick.

Plus there’s something eminently satisfying about eating your legumes from the inside out. (The peas you eat are actually the seeds of the pea plant.)

Eating your vegetables doesn’t get any better than this.

Especially for only seven bucks.

Only at Table 10.

For those needing a tutorial on the eating procedure, here is ELV stripping, scraping, chewing and spitting his way to pea-ness perfection:

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Wait….that didn’t sound right.


In the Palazzo Hotel and Casino

3327 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


9 thoughts on “Pea-ness Perfection

  1. ELV, god do I love your recent posts. Very insightful and humerous. Except, I note that these Pee…nesses, cost $7 on the menu. For the same amount of dough I can go to Whole Foods, and get two pounds of these critters and flash pan them myself! Ofcourse, I wouldnt have the pleasure of being seated by a hot hostess or the pleasure of your company! Ciao!

  2. “Pea-ness.”

    How witty.
    How clever.
    How intelligent.
    Not quite as witty as the “boner” post, but close enough for the food morons who pay attention to this idiotic site.

    Wait a minute.
    Where are the “marginally attractive” minimum wage hostesses you like so much.
    Less “pea-ness” and more kitty.

    Wait a minute….a bolt of lightning!
    Now I figured it out.
    Curtas has finally joined the other team.

  3. Ah, how nice to see Joseph A has recovered from his visit to Firefly. From his comment it would appear that the tainted tapas affected his sense of humor.

  4. Yeah if only I could be as erudite and pithy as Mr. Suckup, Art Swansong, who may I remind you. kissed arrested-adolescent Curtas’ ass by writing:
    “I wouldnt have the pleasure of being seated by a hot hostess or the pleasure of your company!”

    God, shoot me now so I never have to deal with douchebags like that ever again.

    (Now watch smarty-pants Swansong say: “hey now, let me help…I’ll pull the tirgger!”)

    So many really sharp people in Vegas, I admit I’m humbled.

  5. ELV responds: Joseph A. admits he is humbled….because, as he has repeatedly demonstrated, he has so much to be humble about.

  6. Now, Now Joseph A, put on your “Big Boy” pants and admitted that you have no sense of humor or class. Besides, it does seem strange that you lurk on this blog site when you think morons and doucebags inhabit its environs. Now why is that I wonder? Could it be you yearn to learn about fine cusine? Or you dont have the denaro to buy a decent meal? Mad at ELV because of his celebrity and readership? Go buy ELV’s book and learn a thing or two about Las Vegas dining and then you might, I say might be able to see beyond your bitterness and envy. Oh, Oh, I hear mother calling you now to get off the computor and to come to bed and finish your homework. Ciao

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