Holy Molting Batman! It’s Soft Shell Crab Season!

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As sure as the cool April winds give way to blistering, 100 degree days in our humble burg, you can be sure that the east coast delicacies known as Callinectes sapidus (“beautiful savory swimmer” – aka the Maryland Blue Crab) will be hitting our better restaurants, ready to be munched on whole, without the necessity of pounding, poking and pricking your way into all those crabby delights.

Yep….that’s right….you eat ’em whole, skin and all, biting right through the claws and the soft carapace to get to all that good meat.

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Pea-ness Perfection

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Many years ago, on KNPR-Nevada Public Radio, the pre-moniker ELV described a meal by quoting the great James Beard: “Great cooking should reflect and exalt the essence and the uniqueness of the ingredients,” Beard said. “A lobster dish should possessĀ  lobster-ness; a great steak: steak-ness.”

We went on to say that we didn’t know anything about those dishes at the place we were reviewing, but we did have the pea soup, and it certainly contained the requisite…well, it was pretty darn good too.

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Eat This Now – Caloric Concupiscence at TABLE 10

Heat got you down? Looking for a deeply satisfying summer-y dish that combines the best of cheese-y macaroni with big chunks o’ lobster? Then Sean Roe’s lobster mac ‘n cheese at Table 10 is just what the doctor ordered.

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“But ELV,” you’re probably thinking to yourself right about now, “what should I end such a stunning lunch with…especially if I’m feeling fit and thin and ready to lap up some Lagasse lusciousness?”

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