Rick Moonen Drinks Dead Babies

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Do you enjoy a tasty libation on occasion?

Rick Moonen does.

On hot, dry days, does your thirst demand to be slaked with a satisfying, bottled beverage?

Then you are just like Rick!

Finally, ask yourself: Do unique, artisanal, hand-crafted concoctions hold you in their thrall?

If so, then you’ll be thralled to drink just like this cutting-edge kitchen maestro.

Because you see, Rick Moonen doesn’t always drink obscure Chinese brandies, but when he does, he only drinks obscure Chinese brandies with unborn fetuses of dead rats floating at the bottom.

Stay thirsty my friends.

6 thoughts on “Rick Moonen Drinks Dead Babies

  1. Real Great PR there John….just what else is good old RM Seafood serving us patrons? Eh? Is that really a scallop or some pure schmuck chinese prisioner’s kidney? You wonder what else they may be serving/subsituting at these so called high end eatting establishments! LOL

  2. OK JC…now you have completely lost your mind! I would not and have never tasted anything with floating dead animals in it…nor will I. I have tasted tequilla with agave worms inside and Mezcal with a fully mature scorpion guarding the bottle…that is it!! I am seriously opposed to Chinese concoctions that contain tigers, rodents or any mammals to clear the slate. Thank you for confusing the public…once again! Please remove this misleading old photo that I just happen to be in the background of…thank you.
    Next topic? Jonathan Swift’s Modest Proposal…look it up!

  3. ELV responds: Whatever happened to people’s sense of humor?
    And yes, those are unborn rat fetuses in the bottle. Those wacky Chinese will eat or drink anything….although we are most certain Mr. Moonen will not. And bully for him.

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