Hot Bartender Watch – Amanda at GORDON RAMSAY STEAK

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Amanda has bartending in her blood. She comes from a family of serious foodies and meticulous mixologists (Dad Coop whips up potent potables at Carnevino), and she has beautified the bar at several top shelf operations up and down the Strip. (She has also done some serious modeling, and looks pretty damn good in next to nothing, which has zero relevance to her drink-mixing skills, but gave us a good excuse to link to those tasty snaps.)

These days, you’ll find her at the just opened Gordon Ramsay Steak in the Paris Hotel and Casino, where she wears a lot more clothes, but looks pretty damn snappy in her English schoolboy duds.

She also has some serious skillz at slaking whatever you’re thirsting for. But fair warning: You’ll be tempted to pay more attention to her than whatever luscious libation is placed before you.

Licentiously leading you to languish languorously at this soon-to-be-liquid-landmark.

Or something like that.


In the Paris Hotel and Casino


10 thoughts on “Hot Bartender Watch – Amanda at GORDON RAMSAY STEAK

  1. You should see her Dad in next to nothing !
    All kidding aside, she definitely has a passion
    for excellence. Wait to you see the other half behind the bar who happened to be off the night you were in.
    It will be hard to get a seat at that bar for a long time..
    See you soon ELV..

  2. I wish there was an actual review of the restaurant….or that cocktail you had.

  3. Thank you LVFoodie for saying what many of us are thinking – we don’t come here to look at the dumb chicks, we want to know about the food!

  4. I as well am excited to hear about the actual restaurant. She is a gorgeous gal though.

  5. Tricia,

    You might want to apologize for calling her a dumb chick, if not, I don’t know you, but it kind of qualifies you as one.

  6. “dumb chicks”? Really…. Based on her appearance, you think she is lacking intelligence? Sounds like the words of a bitter “ugly chick” to me!

  7. Nice 7 head. You could show “The Avengers” in IMAX on that monster.

  8. Tricia- As much as I despise John’s tendency to objectify beautiful women, I’m also offended by you calling Amanda a “dumb chick.” She is intelligent and gracious. She comes from a family of excellent bartenders (her mom and dad are both amazing) and could out-pour the best in this town. She delivers far more than her admittedly exceptional looks.

  9. she better be the best bartender in clark county with a 12 head like that!
    in all seriousness she is very nice. i was in there yesterday and there were no free seats at the bar so she let me pull a stool up to her skull.

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