KOMEX Mistakes (ours not theirs)

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ELV has made more mistakes in his life than any five people you know.

It all started with trying out for the baseball team in the fifth grade (something our father probably never lived down), and continued right through dating disasters, mangled marriages and other insundry insults to our own intelligence over decades of adult life.

In other words, we’re no stranger to self-inflicted stupidity.

But the dumbest thing we’ve done recently was ordering bulgogi nachos, a fusion burrito (bulgogi beef with Mexican rice, onions and a ton of pico de gallo), and fish tacos at KoMex Express.

Not because they weren’t any good, mind you, but because any one of them could feed three hungry people.

Well, maybe not the tacos, but those nachos and that burrito provided us enough continuing sustenance for the next three days — something we would’ve known if we had bothered to read Jim Begley’s review of the joint from last summer.

Of those dishes, the nachos were enough for a small army,  and were meatier, spicier and richer than anything you’ll find in a Mexican restaurant. Which is not surprising when you consider nachos are hardly Mexican at all, but more closely associated with Tex-Mex cuisine.

No matter who gets credit,  it was an inspiration to put Korean marinaded beef into them. And kimchee. And  severely cut back on the starchy, tasteless beans (which were never part of the equation to begin with, and used solely as a filler-extender by cheap-ass Mexican joints ever since 1943).

Ingredient quibbles aside, the combinations here are serious umami-bombs, made with care and with just the right amount of spice.

We at ELV can’t wait to return…but we’re bringing a platoon with us next time.

Our meal for two that could’ve fed five came to $27.


633 N. Decatur Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89107



(Closed Mondays)

2 thoughts on “KOMEX Mistakes (ours not theirs)

  1. It’s no mistake when we order that much – it’s always to ensure leftovers the day after. When the craving hits, there’s nothing like Komex. I just hope they bring back the bulgogi cheesesteak special soon.

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