3 thoughts on “ELV’s Thought for the Day

  1. We had the privilege of being recipients of Le Cirque’s de-constructed bouillabaisse – it was truly wonderful, and every bit as delicious as it appears! Though ‘too pretty’ to eat, every bite was enjoyed.

  2. Dear John,

    you are right about our great off the Strip Asian Restaurants, however they need to be carful too..

    After yours and Max Jacob’s reviews, I have been going almost every week for dinner to Weera Thai.
    I love the food and family atmosphere
    Saturday a very unpleasant surprise: all prices increased by around 30%
    The Crispy Duck Salad you wrote about on April 3rd for $13.95 is now $17.95!
    And so on for all items on the menu. Also the wine list used to have some very well priced bottles and now they are gone substituted by more expensive bottles (not better quality though)

    What happened? Is this your fault? Do good reviews justify such price increases?

    I don’t feel like going back. At those prices next week I might as well go to Lotus of Siam.

  3. Ate it last Saturday night and it was fantastic. They even brought me more of the reduction when I asked for more !. No better restaurant in town for the price point serving that level of cuisine. When i think of going to Robuchon or Guy Savoy, I think again and return to Le Cirque. Better food, better prices, better service, better sommelier, better atmosphere and most all the staff has been there from day one. I can’t wait to return and my wife agrees. IMO, they are the only restaurant that continues to improve over the years while all the other restaurants of similar type have been cutting corners with quality.

    Lifts glass to Mario and Evo. Thank you !

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