ELV’s Thought for the Day

Research tell us that fourteen out of any ten individuals like chocolate. – Sandra Boynton

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Scientific research may tell us that, but a little birdie told ELV that Megan Romano‘s Chocolate & Spice will be opening on West Sahara in less than two weeks.

Another birdie told Joe Romano to stand to the right of his wife, looking directly into the sun, so we could get a better picture of her.

While we’re on the subject of tasty things we’ve been told lately, here is what Luiz Oliveira of Sambalattle Torrefazione whispered to us about a very special coffee he’s about to bring in from Brazil:

As I mentioned to you, I went to Brazil for a week to meet some coffee producers and know what they are doing. It was very educational trip and learned a lot. Some producers are starting to play with “raisin beans.” We have some samples on the way to be profiled and we hope to have the beans ready to savour in 5-6 weeks. Fazenda Caxambu – Estate Coffee from Trees Pontas, Minas Gerais, produces natural processed coffee beans that are sun dried on the tree where the sugars naturally ferment the coffee bean. This Natural Raisin coffee is separated from the red ripe cherry. The coffee derives a dried fruit fragrance, sweet nose and tannic coloring from longer contact with the cherry skin, it has well balance acidity, full mouth, and slightly fruit quality. A great coffee to be prepared at Chemex, Siphon, French Press, or even on pour over. It will be featured exclusively at Sambalatte. It will change your opinion about coffee.

Hummmfabulous chocolates and desserts, and even more fabulous coffee, coming to the west side of town?

ELV is in faster than a teenager to a vampire movie.

He’s in faster than Joan Rivers to a botox treatment.

Faster than a Kardashian to a fat farm.

Wait. What?

Whatever….you get the picture.

We can’t wait…for either one.


750 South Rampart Boulevard Suite 9

Las Vegas, NV 89145



7293 West Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89117


(They are hoping to open a week from this Friday….so stay tuned.)