An ELEVATION of your BURGER experience

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There is a strange, sweet finish to the Elevation Burger burger that haunts ELV to this day — over a week after he tasted it.

It was a touch herbal, but almost sugary in its lingering presence, and might be the product of the grass-fed beef they brag of here.

Regardless, it was damn tasty.

In texture and form, the burgers here put us in mind of In-N-Out’s, but the standard cheeseburger is a slightly larger, double patty construction oozing with a thick layer of the stuff. They use good bread and cheese and cook them to medium without sacrificing much moistness — which is about all you can ask of a fast-food burger.

As for the fresh-cut, olive oil-cooked fries, they are f*cking fantastic.

So is the milk shake…even though we ordered a malt.

“Extra malt,” was how ELV shouted his order.

When he did this, the counterman smiled a knowing smile of agreement, but apparently was unsure of the concept,* as what arrived was a mighty fine shake with barely a hint of malt to it.

Regardless…we shall return.

Yeah, the food here is that good.

Ingredients matter.

ELV’s lunch for one came to $12 + a $2 tip.


5130 S. Fort Apache Road Suite 240

Las Vegas, NV 89148



* Only two places in Las Vegas know how to get with the program when it comes to making a proper malted: Luv-It-Custard and the Baskin-Robbins on the corner of DI and Jones — maybe because ELV stands there and insists upon three scoops of malt powder before they’re allowed to blend.

4 thoughts on “An ELEVATION of your BURGER experience

  1. Nice Lunch ELV. I’ll have to check into the olive oil fries.

    I’ll never understand why so many burger joints are seemingly unable to understand the power of malt. A case of Malted Milk Powder is less than $50 bucks–and that makes a lot of malts. The only extra labor involved is moving spoon from jar to malt glass. The value of immeasurable pleasure is worth the effort.

  2. Hi John – my name is Paul, and I manage franchise growth for Elevation Burger. Thanks for the great write-up, and for supporting us out there!

  3. @dr. You are so right. The malted has been ignored for far too long. The powder elevates even a bad shake to decent status. Smashburger does a pretty good malted, even if it is a chain.

  4. Great burger, I went and tried it after reading the above review and agree completely.

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