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  1. ELV – THe picture makes me wonder if you’ve ever eaten Mr. Voltaggio’s food. I only know of him from seeing him on Top Chef and online videos, but he seems to be a pretty creative food preparer. I’d be interested to know if the proof does show through in the pudding.

  2. ELV responds: You look grasshoppers, but you do not see. The remark is aimed more at copycat chefs with their copycat “look what a rebel I am” stupid tattoos, and their relentless aping of “look how creative I am” tweezer food.

    It was not a direct criticism of Voltaggio’s food…which I’m sure is just as overwrought as all those other “hot young chefs” that the national magazines seek to promote in order to appear au courant.

  3. What is hilarious about John; his articles are written by his 22 year-old (sex partner) flunky. It is John’s opinion (I assume), but the writing is done by another. If you prefer the opinion of a washed-up lawyer with the palate of someone who swallowed a M-80 then please take his articles seriously.

  4. John – How do you find time to be an attorney, a food critic, and handle a 22-year old sex partner? I’m impressed! I guess having your writing done by another eases the burden a bit. Nice job handling all the rest on your own. Way to go!

    Got any pictures of Marco and his tattoos to post? On second though, never mind.

  5. I really can’t believe all your lame anti tattoo pictures and comments. My self being a very highly regarded chef that is heavily tattooed, find you to be pathetic. I’m from a real food city.

    If you where a “Real” food critic no one would know who you are. There would be no press with your picture.
    All you’re here for is a free meal and to make your self feel better about your own insecurities. Who else would bash people for expressing them self.
    If you would travel outside of this fake town you’d see that in almost every big city most the top chefs are young tattooed professionals. This is a new generation of chefs. We’re moving to Vegas and taking over this town.

    You might think about not eating at most the restaurants you poach from. I’ve seen the chefs and a lot of them have tattoo’s. I’m sure you’ll still go, wouldn’t want to pass up a free meal.

  6. Hopefully his tattoos are just pictures and not words with that english. I live in LA, and agree with John (Curtas not Chaos). Every (new) restaurant is the same. I haven’t been to a restaurant opening in over a year that didn’t make me think “I had this last week at Animal, Sotto, Freddy Smalls, Tar & Roses, Tasting Kitchen, etc…” Look at Ink.’s opening menu. Everything on there was a copy of someone else’s food.

    Top Chef is turning the restaurant scene into the NBA. A bunch of kids with some talent, but not ready yet.

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