Eat This Now – Linguine with Clams at DOM DeMARCO’S

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ELV is a sucker for linguine with clams….especially when the linguine is big, fat-flat strands of al dente pasta swimming in a soothing white wine and butter sauce, with not too much garlic, and adorned with an array of small, sweet clams, both shelled and not.

He really likes consuming such a dish on a sunny, breezy day on the patio of Dom DeMarco’s — one of our newest and best al fresco dining spots — when all these luscious strands and briny bivalves are followed by a kick-ass cannoli, that Clemenza would’ve insisted upon taking.

The linguine is $17.

Just thought you’d like to know.


9785 West Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89117


12 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Linguine with Clams at DOM DeMARCO’S

  1. John is like a vagina; very soft and very sensitive. His palate is questionable and his motives are questionable.

  2. Beyond that John eats for free wherever he wants. If you prefer the opinion of a free-loader who is bias by the amount of ass-kissing he receives then please take everything he says to heart.

  3. These comments will probably be taken down quickly by his minions. But if you like censorship then this will be no problem.

  4. Hey “Marco” – I’m guessing you are a hack of a cook or restaurant owner somewhere who serves slop that John criticized at one point long ago or recently. And your way of getting back at him is to write three consecutive posts over your morning coffee? I’m sure he’s so upset by these harsh remarks that he’s crying somewhere…oh wait he’s on TV talking about his favorite places to eat. I guess he wins this round too.

  5. I don’t understand Marco’s simile. I’ve never met a vagina with questionable motives.

  6. Actually the food is awful. Im from the east coast, and when I went here, there was basically nobody there, and now I understand why. The food is awful in every possible way. We had the pizza which was bad. Not even close to ny standards. Not even for the bad pizza joints in NY even. We had the big apple pizza. The sauce was even bad. The grilled sausages were although evenly fine, had a bad taste in the mouth (was not freshly prepared, which is ok if the sausages are from a good company, which they were not). John must be from NV because from what I have seen, anybody from the east coast and Midwest can spot good food because of all the great places in such places like Chicago, NY, Philly, Atlanta, Dallas, st Louis, Boston, Baltimore, dc etc. John, do yourself a favor and actually visit some other cities which get highly recommended food hits and sample the food. Then you might understand what constitutes as good food (even from $-$$$$) Then come back and try to actually do some fair reviews.

  7. Chris I have eaten at the restaurant at least four times, all spread out on different days and different times, and have NEVER seen the place less than 85% full and teeming with action. I live in Chicago and have been to New York more times than I can count and the pizza here is the real deal.

  8. “…anybody from the east coast and Midwest can spot good food because of all the great places in such places…”

    This is your winning argument?

    Oh, and just for geographical reference; Atlanta and Dallas aren’t considered part of the East or Midwest. And, St. Louis and Baltimore were never (ever) considered top tier dining destinations by anyone not named Chris.

  9. Lol kent. St louis is known for bbq (or did you miss the area?) Baltimore is known for seafood (ever hear of crab cakes and such?). Your an utter idiot. It also proves to me that you know nothing of which you talk about as well. As for ken, you must have never been there during lunch. The pizza here bites. Do you want me to give you a schooling of good places where your from and ny as well as here in vegas? You wouldnt know top tier if it bit you in the butt. Oh btw, the best places are almost always little holes in the wall throughout the US. That includes the fine dining types as well. Atlanta is southeast (thus considered east coast if you wish to play it technically). And dallas ok, that one i give you for southwest.

  10. Chris, we all understood that St. Louis=barbecue and Baltimore=crab cakes, but that doesn’t rank them ahead of any big time food cities.

    Just for reference of top dining destinations. considering you don’t believe the gentleman writing this blog:

    This one may be of more importance though:

    I searched through every list on the web to justify St. Louis or Baltimore, but only found Travel+Leisure putting Baltimore at #30 on some obscure scoring of reader votes that rated Baltimore a great town for “pizza and beer” with great value.

  11. Ahh kent, you prove again one of the problems. You show that you only do things such as esquire. You do realize esquire normally does not cover the hidden gems of areas as well? They go for the big main cities. Thats all they normally do. Also, when you throw something out like that, please be sure your own English is up to task, because guess what it is not, and if you say it is the internet, it makes you a hypocrite. I asked my buddies and they all too stated the place did bit, it was not just me. 2 lived in vegas all their lives, another is from MN, and the last is from SF. Just give it up. oh since you decided to use a ranking magazine. Guess what urban spoon gave this place so far, a 72%. Out of 46 reviews. I guess more are on my side for this. Wish to try again?

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