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Muhammad Ali at the GOLDEN STEER

Happy Birthday Muhammad!

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It was quite a weekend at the Golden Steer.

ELV was there Friday afternoon, interviewing owner Dr. Michael Signorelli and his staff for an upcoming article in VEGAS magazine.

That night, Muhammad “I am the Greatest” Ali dropped in for dinner.

On Sunday, we came by in for one of thirty-year waiter Camacho’s signature Caesar salads:

…followed by a delicious end cut of prime, prime rib:

ELV's usual at the Steer

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….finishing with a definitive bananas Foster:

Bananas Foster

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…all in the name of  “research” we assure you!

We at ELV unearthed quite a bit of delicious history in working on our story, not the least of which was this menu from November, 1962:

Where were you in '62?

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...when the address was 308 W. San Francisco Street.

…but somehow, we think the old slugger coming in to celebrate his 70th birthday might be the capper.

He could kick your ass today

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...but Frazier still whooped him in all three fights.

Fun food fact: Ali asked to have a puree of cream of chicken soup made by the kitchen, and he liked it so much, he asked for a quart of it to take home with him.


308 W. Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89102


3 Responses to Muhammad Ali at the GOLDEN STEER

  • “but Frazier still whooped him in all three fights.”

    Seriously John?

  • Unfortunately, the first picture is quite unflatering, not the “Greatest”.
    Looks like he just ate at Oscar’s…you sure you were at the Golden Steer?

  • In November, 1962 I was trying to survive the Cuban Missile Crisis and my parents abrupt dietary shift from Vegetarian to all beef, all the time. The mini-burger appetizers at Guy Savoy flashed me back to that era, minus the missiles.

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