The Ghosts of the GOLDEN STEER

ELV note: The following story appears (albeit in highly truncated form) in the current issue of VEGAS magazine. Since they haven’t posted it yet on their website, we thought you might like to take a tour of this iconic eatery, as seen through the eyes of the owner, waiters and celebs who have populated it since 1958.

The Ghosts of the GOLDEN STEER

There are ghosts in the booths at the Golden Steer. Lots of them. Sit in any of them on a busy evening and they will work their charms on you.

Not at first, mind you, but soon enough. At first you won’t see them, or hear them (that will come later). Initially, all you will notice is a plaque or picture named after a very famous (and long dead) person. “Wow,” you’ll say to yourself, “this booth is named after Frank Sinatra.” Then you will look around and see another one with a picture of Marilyn Monroe above it, or John Wayne, or Joe DiMaggio, and you will start to wonder if these are more than mere decorations. “Oh yes, a waiter will tell you. “This is where they sat, and many of them had these booths named for them when they were still alive and coming here all the time.”

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Bon Appetit: GOLDEN STEER – One of America’s Top Ten Must-Visit Classics

Taken his cues, no doubt, from our staff, Bon Appetit Restaurant Editor Andrew (“I’m not a hunk, I just play one in the magazine”) Knowlton has named our very own Golden Steer one of America’s Top Ten Must-Visit Classic Restaurants in this month’s issue.*

Here’s the link, and we’ll soon see you there, to swoon there, over the strains of Dino, Frank and Sammy.


* ELV is proud to say he has eaten in 9 out of the 10 listed, with only La Dolce Vita in Beverly Hills having escaped his knife and fork. He can, however, claim to have walked past it dozens of times over the years.