Eat This Now – Pizza and Pasta at VALENTINO

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Sometimes, nothing fancy will do.

Sometimes, all you’re in the mood for is a simple, crispy, grilled, cheese pizza and some nice, homey, house-made pastas — like a classic fettuccine Alfredo and a meaty spaghetti Bolognese.

Sometimes, we forget how satisfying these standards can be, especially when turned out by a kitchen that takes great pride in its techniques and ingredients.

Sometimes, we wish the Cafe at Valentino was easier to get to.

Sometimes, we wish Luciano Pellegrini would give a seminar to all of our lousy Italian restaurants about how to do the little things right.

But then we remember how most diners don’t demand much of their Italian food (which explains the popularity of Brio among others), and then we sigh a little (and die a little), but recover by remembering how fortunate we are to have Valentino’s excellence as a counterweight to all that meretricious meatball mediocrity.

And then we dig in.


In the Venetian Hotel and Casino

3355 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


5 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Pizza and Pasta at VALENTINO

  1. Pizza was surprisingly tasty considering how unassuming it looked. Im still getting over my bypass surgery tasting that fettuccine Alfredo…hella good!!

  2. Nobody better in town for pasta. Last time I was there I had Prosciutto stuffed Buccatini in a robiola custard topped with white truffles. Awesome.

  3. I ate there twice during the holidays. Luciano is one of my favorite chefs, very creative!!

  4. Without a doubt, the pizza is too die for and worth the drive downtown to enjoy. Not to mention their incredible wine selection!

  5. Luciano is the best. He does amazing things from truffles to pizza. Ooohh truffles on pizza. My next special order

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