Eat This Now – Tuna Melt at RM SEAFOOD

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Does anyone but ELV remember when you were supposed to eat fish on Fridays?

ELV remembers, of course, because he’s always been a very devout fellow.

So devout in fact, that god (whoever she is) has been known to speak to him from the sky — usually in the form of cumulonimbus rumblings and flashes of light whenever he gets anywhere near a church.

When he was but a little shaver, the big guy (or gal) in the sky seemed to be decreeing meatless Fridays all the time.

This did not sit well with the carnivore kid.

So, one of the ways his parents found to get him to eat fish — besides in the loathsome form of Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks — was tuna fish sandwiches.

ELV liked tuna fish sandwiches. He still does.

In fact, you might call tuna fish sandwiches the first fish he ever liked. To this day, when he wants a quick meal, a small can of tuna mixed with some onion, relish, mayo and some herbs always fills the bill.

Until we ate RM Seafood‘s tuna melt, we thought we made the perfect tuna fish sandwich. But we must admit, theirs is better, especially if you like your tuna salad on the mayonnaise-y side, as we do. Melting some good cheddar over the top, and serving it on a ever-so-sweet slab of brioche is the perfect touch….as are the exquisite, light, crisp and slightly salty, fresh made chips.

It’s so good, it might get us eating fish on Fridays again….as long as god (whoever she is) doesn’t object…and is still going around decreeing these things.

God, being the frugal sort, would also approve of the price — only $16 — as she would of Pastry Chef Theresa Gwizdaloski’s deconstructed s’mores. It being the sum of all childhood sweets on a slab — made both adult and thought provoking — no mean feat that.

Both of these Friday treats were soooo ethereally tasty, we almost saw….well…you get the idea.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino

3930 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89119


2 thoughts on “Eat This Now – Tuna Melt at RM SEAFOOD

  1. ELV, you shoulda gone Protestant early on, no more meatless Fridays. In fact, for my own contemplation of my place in the cosmos, diet restrictions play a key roll in my process of comparative epistemology. Translation: a given way of looking at our place in the universe can’t possibly be right for me if it won’t let me eat bacon.

    Okay, I get the enjoyment of tuna sandwiches, I share that as an option in my regular rotation for inexpensive lunch fare. I also don’t doubt the one at RM is good. Despite this, I don’t think I could bring myself to order one at RM. I mean, while I understand that there are better and worse tuna melts, I have a hard time imagining one that is so good that I’d pass up the other excellent items on RM’s menu. Of course, I also don’t eat there as often as ELV does.

    Speaking of tuna salad, though, I do lament the loss of the Atlanta Bread Company store near Summerlin. As far as chain fast food outlets go, it was one of the healthiest and tastiest options, especially on the west side, and I really liked their tuna sandwiches as one of my favorite under $10 meal options in town. Sic transit gloria mundi.

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