Top 3 Thais on Wake Up with the Wagners

ELV note: Due to the way My News 3 – KSNV Las Vegas posts their news videos, you will have to scroll down through some pages of video “blocks” to get to the one that says “Top Three Thai Restaurants In Vegas.” Until our staff figures out how to segregate the individual segments, all of us are stuck with this awkward state of affairs. ELV apologizes for the inconvenience.

1 thought on “Top 3 Thais on Wake Up with the Wagners

  1. You are spot-on about LOS—simply the best Thai I’ve ever tasted. I finally had lunch at La Thai today; excellent pad thai and pork jerky. The place was packed, service was okay. I will be back, and predict success for Dan’s new place; a great addition to the E. Fremont scene.

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