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In further honor of the launch of our second edition of EATING LAS VEGAS (the book not this blog), we at ELV thought some tasty snaps of the fall menu at Twist by Pierre Gagnaire were in order.

In his never-ending (and mostly failed) attempts to appear all “art-y” and stuff with his website pics, ELV shot each of his dishes (both from the fall and vegan menu) from directly above the plate. Except when he didn’t. When he didn’t it was probably because he didn’t have the patience to adjust the lighting, exposure, and angle of the lens — preferring instead to tear into his dinner with all the subtlety of this nasty little guy.

That’s because Twist’s food is that darn good.

As we’ve said before, Gagnaire’s cooking demands a certain cerebral engagement with the food. Each dish is really a combination of textures and flavors that challenge the diner to consider how they play off one another — both on the plate and in the mouth. Gagnaire and his Executive Chef Pascal Sanchez invite such contemplation with everything they place before you. But they never stray too far from drop dead deliciousness, or venture into the realm of contrived, tweezer cuisine for its own sake. Thus do they make Twist a restaurant that can be enjoyed by a trencherman as well as a dilettante….provided both customers are willing to let these chefs take their tastebuds on some unexpected journeys.

In other words, you can ponder flavor combinations like scallops ceviche, mimosa langoustines with Jerusalem arichokes gelee and horseradish cream,  or you can sit back and let the tastes and smells explode in, or slowly envelope, your palate. Whichever approach you take, you always know you are in the presence of some very special cooking.

And a very special restaurant.

Twist’s six course “Fall Spirit” menu costs $189, and the six course “Vegan and Gluten Free Spirit” is $125. We had both and Pierre picked up the check. Merci beaucoup Pierre!

TWIST by Pierre Gagnaire

In the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

3752 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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  1. Twist by Pierre Gagnaire was very recently elevated by Forbes Travel Guide to FIVE star level. I think there are less than 30 restaurants in the United States that have been designated FIVE stars. In Nevada, Twist and Joel Robuchon Restaurant are the two restaurants at that level. Congratulations to Chef Pascal, Matthias, and the rest of the hard-working staff.

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