ELV note: This just popped into our “in” box. All we can say is, it was just a matter of time — especially when you open a 400 seat restaurant, with mediocre Mexican food, right before the start of a Depression. We ate there twice and were astounded by the pedestrian, tepid, barely-better-than-fast-food quality of the place. It sure was big, though. And expensive. As for the “bitter battle” with the Venetian/Palazzo, ELV can attest, from experience,  that Shellie Adelson doesn’t know how to dispute something any other way.

Dos Caminos Closes

LAS VEGAS (November 15, 2011) After a bitter battle with its partner/landlord, the Venetian Hotel, on November 14, 2011, Two Roads Las Vegas, LLC closed its Dos Caminos Restaurant.

During the Great Recession, in late 2008 the Venetian negotiated and granted to Two Roads a long term cash flow rental agreement. However, in 2010, management reneged on the deal and brought a lawsuit to the Las Vegas courts where the New York based tenant was pitted against Sheldon Adelson.  The outcome was, thus, pre-ordained and Two Roads is now saying goodbye to the Venetian.

4 thoughts on “DOS CAMINOS Closes

  1. We were 5 locals at Dos Caminos a year ago at 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday. You know, the Lord’s day.

    We were doing $40.00 shots of Don Julio 1942, 5 at a time every 20 minutes or so but were relatively well behaved. There were only two other tables seated in the whole restaurant anyway.

    After a couple rounds, we asked our server if she wanted to have a shot with us. She asked her manager whether it was ok. The manager replied that we would have to buy MORE EXPENISVE SHOTS if he was going to allow our server to have one with us. We asked for our check and have never been back. Good Riddance.

  2. I’m a huge fan of authentic Mexican cuisine from all regions. I’m also a fan of well-executed American-Mexican cuisine, of the form we most commonly get on this side of the border. Dos Caminos was neither. Of course, I expect it’s tough trying to be an authentic or even interesting Mexican restaurant when your bread and butter are middle-American tourists. I can’t say I’ll miss this place, but I don’t entirely blame the proprietors. They had a tough row to hoe.

    Also, is it just me, or do these sorts of disputes between casino management and tenants/contractors/etc seem to happen more often at the Venetian than at other Strip properties? Hmmm, I wonder why that might be… .

  3. We had a group of 11 for dinner during the closing week as part of a pre-wedding celebration. Thankfully, there was no indication of the dispute and we all enjoyed food and service.

    I guess we expected expensive and trendy Mexican-like items on the menu, so we were not disappointed. We paid for the atmosphere and the experience and got same. If we had wanted cheap, we could have gone to Taco Bell.

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