First Bites – NAKAMURA-YA

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Nakamura-Ya is the brain-child of chef/owner Kengo Nakamura.

It has good bread and great sodas (Fever Tree Ginger Ale), and features Italian food with a Japanese twist — what the Japanese call wafuu pasuta.

The restaurant sort of reminds us of a cross between Raku and Monta — which makes sense since it shares the same shopping center with them both.

That shopping center will soon house a Japanese cake shop and a new, traditional sushi restaurant (no cream cheese and mayo…yeh!), and will be renamed Tokyo Plaza.

Nakamura-san’s hand-tooled food is so startlingly good (and beautiful), we are tempted to proclaim it the next Raku…albeit a Raku that sticks to your ribs.

But after only one meal….we need to give it one more shot before singing its praises that loudly.

If you go (and we know you will), we’re predicting that’s exactly what you’ll do.

Our dinner for two came to $46 + $14 tip.


5040 West Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146


(Dinner only)

5 thoughts on “First Bites – NAKAMURA-YA

  1. Glad you gave it a write up. Food is quality, Martin and Rie are awesome. Any more information on traditional sushi spot?

  2. All they need is to serve Hofbrau beer and they can call it an axis powers reunion.

    Glad I saved my Capt. America outfit from Halloween.

  3. I couldn’t help but notice that ELV’s tip for this meal was more than 30 percent, which caused me to wonder what your philosophy is concerning the gratuity when dining out. Thanks.

  4. Walked past this place numerous times after meals at Raku & Monta. One of my favorite Japanese Italian dishes is Mentaiko Pasta. Can’t wait to try it!

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