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Who knows what Korean-to-English strained translation resulted in the nonsensical name? But we at ELV find it charming, just as we have found each of the dishes from Mr. Color Food to be attractively presented and seductive in that salty/spicy/savory way Koreans love so much. We’ve also found them to be hauntingly spiced and criminally cheap. Add it all up and you have a tiny gem of a food booth (the first one on the left at the Greenland Supermarket Food Court) that features food worth a special trip.

Case in point: the bossam or bo ssäm — a Korean taco of sorts, consisting of steamed pork wrapped in lettuce or cabbage leaves garnished with various spicy condiments and vegetables. David Chang popularized this Korean mainstay in the Big Apple by roasting, rather than steaming, the pork (and dressing up the condiments) and got himself a James Beard Award in the process.

We don’t know who the chef/cook is at Mr. Color Food, but we appreciate the fact that it only costs about $9/person rather than Chang’s $180 for eight diners (about $22.50/per for you doin’ the ciphering out there).

For that price, you get a big plate of fork-tender pork, lots o’ crunchy, daikon kimchee, cabbage leaves and two sauces — saeujeot (fermented shrimp sauce) and ssamjang (thick and spicy soybean paste) — more than enough for two and about as satisfying and fun to eat as any nine dollar meat dish can get.

End of lip-smacking Korean lesson.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Greenland Supermarket Food Court

6850 West Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146

702.459.7878 (this # is for the supermarket generally)

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