Bullish on BULDOGIS

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The Angry Kimchee Sweet Potato Fries are worth the trip alone — smothered as they are in all manner of Korean delights like marinated, kalbi beef and spicy, fermented cabbage.

But the big, thick, beef Buldogi Dog is every bit their equal — smothered as it is in the same shavings of marinated beef, onions, sesame seeds and spicy mayonnaise.

The Chili Cheese Dog disappointed though — tasting as it did of tepid chili, and lacking any discernible kick.

As did the Vegetarian Dog. Which was as we expected it to be — an unmitigated disaster — tasting of nothing and proving, once again, that you should never order any vegetarian anything that’s pretending to be anything else.

But still, we’re bullish on Buldogis, because its beneficence befits a beauteous bounty of beefy fusion fun — something our tube steak culture has needed for a long time.

And we can’t wait to return to work our way through the rest of its fabulous franks.

Our dinner pour deux (with three dogis and those killer fries), came to $25.


2291 South Fort Apache Road #102

Las Vegas, NV 89117



3 thoughts on “Bullish on BULDOGIS

  1. After sampling the menu of the LA Kogi Truck, I’m pretty hesitant on Korean Fusion food. There’s no reason cheese, kimchee, & salsa should cross paths at the same time. However, I’ve come across a lot of positive reviews of Buldogi’s. I’ll have to drop by to give it a try.

  2. Went their with my family and we are from the Philippines.
    We tried the Asian style dogs, kim chi fries and chili dogs.
    I was impressed with the flavors on the dogs with the pork and beef.
    You can a good meal and its filling, not to mention great tasting.
    We will be back.

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