GIUSEPPE’S Gets Two Things Right

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Giuseppe’s is not the sort of place we’d normally bother with — sitting as it does alone, surrounded by sand and un-built, parched commercial lots in the southwest part of town.

But we were hungry and it was lunch time and we found the chicken wing slider thingies remarkably fresh and tasty. They’re really more like deep-fried chicken tenders tossed with some spicy wing sauce, smothered with bottled blue cheese dressing on thick-yet-spongy mini-burger rolls, but the overall effect amounts to one greater than the sum of its parts.

The regular sliders weren’t half bad either — coming as they do on those nicely fresh mini-burger buns, but the pasta was atrocious — virtually unseasoned and devoid of any meat flavor, in spite of chunks of evidence to the contrary. Similarly, the cheese smothering the dish was all hat and no cattle — leading us to the conclusion that this kitchen doesn’t pride itself in its ingredients as much as being able to get the most out of some hot sauce, a deep fryer, and some mighty fresh bread.

In a pinch (or after a long night at the video machines), those sliders will do nicely. If one pasta dish is any indication, those looking for anything approaching decent Italian food should look elsewhere.

ELV’s lunch for two with an un-pictured and forgettable salad came to $32 and he left an $8 tip.


6065 South Durango Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89113


3 thoughts on “GIUSEPPE’S Gets Two Things Right

  1. My BNI group meets there on Tuesday mornings. Breakfast is very pedestrian. I wish they would serve us those sliders at 7 AM!!! Come join us on a Tuesday morning at 7 AM and do some great business networking. We have one especially good photographer who is great with food photography. My treat….

  2. Ahh, the irony.

    Remember the “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” ‘review’? The one where Mr. Curtas didn’t bother to enter a restaurant to review it. Yet, here we have a similar situation, but this time he enters, tries the food, and, gasp, actually liked most of it.

    I suppose I should thank you for this, and I will. Thank you, Mr. Curtas, for performing an actual restaurant review before proclaiming judgment on a place.

  3. I have to say that the food has been very good for many many years.
    I don’t know how they could survive with the roads torn up for so long and others, like JRs, out of business if their food was not up to snuff. I think the service is very good too.

    John are you a GO BLUE! fan or what?

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