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Someone once described Argentinians as: “A bunch of Italians who speakĀ  Spanish, who think like Germans, wish they were British and act like the French.” (or something like that)

ELV knows nothing of such things, other than to say they seem to be a people in love with meat…especially beef….and that beef dominates the menu of this popular restaurant/deli stuck amidst all the Asian joints up and down Spring Mountain Road.

Truth be told, it had been ten years since last we dropped in — and inexcusable delay when you consider we drive by the place several times a week. We remember going a couple of times around the turn of the century, and giving it a favorable review on KNPR, but that’s about it, so we dropped in a few days ago to get our empanadas on….and eat what might be one of the best sandwiches in town.

It’s called the Lomito Completo (lomito appears to be either Argentine slang for filet mignon, or an all-purpose word for meat/steak), and a more complete amalgamation of protein on a bun would be hard to find. Individual recipes probably vary, but this one boasts filet and ham and lettuce and cheese, on a nice, fresh, semi-squishy/semi-crispy bun with a nice, runny fried egg on top to bind everything together. A carbo-protein load to be sure, but one sandwich easily feeds two fressers. In the words of Anthony Bourdain, you will find it either “…really delicious or a war crime.” (Whatever that means?) In a city with a dearth of decent sandwiches or sandwich shops, this one might take the cake.

Not to be missed either are the empanadas — lighter and flakier than many a Central American riff on this pastry — they are the quintessence of a meat pie (or a corn and onion one), and much more delicate than the play-doh pockets foisted on eaters by cooks (and countries) with a heavier hand.

Dip everything in the addictive, house-made chimichurri sauce, and in no time you’ll feel like invading the Falklands.


5300 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146


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