Eat This Now – Coca Mallorquina at JULIAN SERRANO

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ELV isn’t quite sure what a coca mallorquina is, beyond being como la pissaladière francesca, y la pizza italiana (de invención posterior).

He thinks that means it’s a Spanish take on a French or Italian pizza — which is as good a description as any — but that doesn’t explain the unparallelled density of flavor  packed into the sobrasada and Mahon cheese mallorquina in picture #1, or the slick richness — coming from the toasted  aïoli over pisto-tinged tomatoes and onions in pictures #2-4 — all properly piled in perfect proportion on dense, olive oil bread.

Two of these terrific tapas contribute significant heft to a table filled with lighter ceviche and salad fare, and are best consumed with one of the bright, aromatic and reasonably-priced Albariños on the excellent wine list.

Best of all, they only cost $12/order, and one order is more than enough for two.

Just thought you’d like to know.


In the Aria Hotel and Casino

3730 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


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  1. I want to eat this when I go to Las Vegas. Please tell me where to go and when.
    I crave this! You can email me at direct me to the restaurant. Dinner or Lunch? Specifics PLEASE!!! Mahalo, and happy eating.

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