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ELV’s Staff Will Miss Him…

....will you?

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ELV has posted a ton of stuff today — from the sad (Rosemary’s closing) to the sublime (Manon’s ham and cheese croissant) — because within minutes, he will be off like a prom dress to New York City for Friday’s taping of another episode of Iron Chef America at the Food Network studios in downtown Manhattan.

Au revoir mes amis, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the next four days as we eat (and judge) our way through the Big Apple!

4 Responses to ELV’s Staff Will Miss Him…

  • Wow. They’re brave. Letting you come back to scare the chefs! I’ll be watching!

  • Wow! I hope ELV isn’t going to be judging “Battle Beta Carotene.” Looks like he’s had enough already.

  • John, I must confess I dont the the gentleman in the picture. Can you tell us who is and what he does? Did he recently pass away?

  • Where you gonna eat in the city?
    Nothin in NYC excites me anymore, rich man was right in last month article

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