Project Dinner Table

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The weather was fine, the light perfect, the food delish and the babes were out in force. In other words, it was a target-rich environment for ELV. So what’s not to like about Project Dinner Table?

Nothing, as long you don’t mind dining in the ultimate al fresco environment…in this case, amongst the grape vines and peach trees of the UNLV Cooperative Extension orchards way way out in the north west part of town.

Whether you were looking for great food (courtesy of the Batali/Bastianich Group), good conversation, or women wearing their summer best, these extravaganzas are something to behold.

If only the fruit had been fresher. (joke)

That fruit, including roasted peaches for dessert, was only an hour past being picked, and like the testa (headcheese), seafood salad, stuffed peppers and pasta, was about the best food one can eat twenty miles from the nearest restaurant.

Best of all, it all goes for a good cause….as you can see from the giant, blurry checks in our last snap.

For details and information about future events, go to the Project Dinner Table website.

Buon gusto and kudos to founder Gina Gavan, her volunteers, and the entire B & B Ristorante crew for creating such a delicious evening that actually warmed the cockles of ELV’s curmudgeonly heart.

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