BIG WONG Brings the Beef

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You want good? And cheap? And good for you? In a central, easily accessible location?

Then look no farther than across the parking lot where Monta and Raku reside to the Big Wong noodle shop. Where nothing is over five bucks on the menu, and you can slurp your way into Chinese noodle heaven, and eat some of the juiciest, moistest, most tender and flavorful poached chicken we’ve had in a ‘coon’s age.

Those of you partial to tender, gelatinous beef tendon will also be overjoyed. Along with spoon-tender brisket, a robust, not-too-salty broth, and more ramen noodles than any one person can eat, they make just about the perfect lunch…for five freaking dollars?

Beef ramen, like beef, is denser, richer and not as sweet as pork ramen, but between the two shops, we now have a little slice of noodle bliss in this little corner of the world.

And did we mention nothing (save a special or two), is over a fin?

Just checking to see if you’re paying attention.

ELV’s meal pictured above, with a soda, came to $14 and he left a $6 tip.


5040 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146


5 thoughts on “BIG WONG Brings the Beef

  1. I believe you also meant “you can slurp your way into Chinese noodle heaven.” Slightly different takeaway than “you can slurp your way into Chinese noodle heave.”

  2. ELV responds: @Pat Flanagan may not be aware that ELV was ed-gee-kated in the South…and that’s how we butcher the English language down in them thar parts.

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