Food Truck PIG OUT!

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Sloppi Jo’s won the night with a pork on pork on pork plate that featured a slice of belly on a steamed Chinese bun and some pulled New Mexican red, but big winners were everyone who attended last week’s PIG OUT in the parking lot of Metro Pizza on East Tropicana.

Equally arresting were Top Notch Barbecue’s top notch ribs, Tasty Bunz’s tasty crispy taco, and Lulu’s on the Move’s porchetta, along with pulled pork nachos and a root beer float garnished with chocolate-covered bacon.

The voting was close, but in the end, Slapsie Maxie, Mad Man Mancini and The World’s Greatest Restaurant Critic* gave the nod to Jo ‘cuz we couldn’t get the taste of her tasty pork out of our heads…and because she seemed to be taking the most risks with her entry (although kudos to Lulu’s for that out-of-this-world root beer float).

And BTW: Max and moi agreed that Top Notch’s ribs are the best we’ve had in our humble burg, and the Lulu’s muffaletta was the one sandwich we wish had been entered in the contest.

Merci to Brock Radke for letting us judge this tasty event, and to John and Sam Arena at Metro Pizza for hosting it…and we can’t wait ’til next year.

* Self-proclaimed, but also heartily endorsed as such last Thursday night by Sloppi Jo’s too live crew.

2 thoughts on “Food Truck PIG OUT!

  1. Sounds like a great time. Was this a planned event..if so..John….are they planning others maybe on the West Side?

  2. I know it’s a trend and maybe a bit of a “follow me” and social happening, but is there really anything food worthwhile?
    You stand around uncomfortable in a parking lot eating average and often sloppy food (just look at he photos here: is there one that looks appetizing?). If it’s not timed right you also have at least a half an hour wait.
    I think I tried all the trucks by now but not one that I would really go back to.
    (I haven’t tried the new meatball one yet but if their food is like the one they served in their now closed down Tapas restaurant I don’t think there is much hope there ether)
    What am I missing?

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