FUKUBURGER is fuccen funtastic

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It was cold and windy a week ago when we stumbled upon Füküburger at the Bet On The Farm Market outdoors on Dean Martin Drive.

Earlier, we’d stumbled upon a video touting Fükü’s fabulousness, and had been hankerin’ to have one, even though we halted many a time at the thought of holding one against the hubub of eating whilst standing up.

Of course, we were, at first, mostly taken with the hot chick hoisting some hot, haunting, umami-heaven hamburger:

…but soon enough, after one bite actually, we were hooked.

What hooked us was the good beef, squishy bun, and the assault of flavors coming from everything from crispy onion strings to roasted peppers to housemade teriyaki.

Did we have to eat them on our feet? Of course. Were we happy about it? Of course not. But the food being put out by Robert “Mags” Magsalin and Colin “Fuku” Fukunaga is so darn tasty, we have half a mind to stay up ’til 3am this morning and hang out less-than-horizontally with all the hungry hotties that haunt this hutch.

Lucky for us, tomorrow night, from 8 pm onward, Fükü’s Japanese/Korean/Hawaiian take on the American burger will be at Frankie’s Tiki Room at 1712 West Charleston — right down the street from ELV’s ‘hood.

You can follow Füküburger on Twitter @http://twitter.com/fukuburger

4 thoughts on “FUKUBURGER is fuccen funtastic

  1. went last night before the wind blew us away…good stuff! Kinda makes you wonder how a couple of dudes can make such good burgers in a truck and someone with a commercial kiitchen can’t at soo many joints. They need to update the website more often especially when they aint gunna be somewhere.

  2. The nagadog might be the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I hear they make a naga-loco moco (hot dog instead of beef patty) and I can’t wait to try it. Fuku is by far the best burger food truck (LBS & Slidn) in Vegas and definitely the most original. Whenever any of my friends or family come in town they always ask what food place they need to try and I always take them to fuku and it has yet to disappoint. I cant wait to hit them up tonight, I got to try those spicy fries.

  3. Tried out Fukuburger last week and found it to be quite good. Had the tomago burger and garlic fries. I wish their schedule would include a few more daytime appearances. Almost all their stops are 8pm and later, but oh well, can’t have everything. Us non-hipster 40-somethings have to be back home by then. Definitely worth a visit though if you happen to be in the same neighborhood as them at the same time.

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