Unicahome Book Signing Party – Come One and All!

  • Eating Las Vegas Book Signing Party 6:00 Nov. 29th at Unicahome

The Las Vegas Foodie Bible?

Written by the three of Las Vegas’ most noted (or notorious) food critics: John Curtas, Max Jacobson, and Al Mancini, Eating Las Vegas covers what the LV foodie triumvirate could agree on without resorting to open dueling. Eating Las Vegas also features lists of the best restaurants in a dozen specialty categories, such as Best Old Vegas Spots, Best Cheap Eats and a special Veto Section, where the writers can freely let their egos a go-go.

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A book signing party featuring many of the chefs listed in this book will be held at Unicahome on Nov. 29. If you are planning to travel to Vegas for the holiday weekend, plan on staying a day later. Guests include Rick Moonen of RM Seafood, Kerry Simon of Simon, Karrie and Kevin Wu of Ping Pang Pong, and more. Please join us for a celebration of Food, Wine and Las Vegas. More information will be forthcoming.

Beverages provided by:

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Entertainment from Christian Tamburr on vibraphone and piano.


3901 West Russell Road

Las Vegas, NV


2 thoughts on “Unicahome Book Signing Party – Come One and All!

  1. At what time is this?

    And btw, I couldn’t wait any longer. While I was doing my “Black Friday” shopping today, I had to stop and get the book. I’ll probably be up late night reading through it!

    And I’m thinking of surprising my dad next Friday by taking him to one of the “Top 10 Restaurants” (that I haven’t done yet). ;-)

  2. ELV- would you consider selling autographed copies by the authors and the chefs at this event on your site with the additional cost going to a charity? I for one would enjoy a signed copy and it is the season for charitable giving!

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