AY-CHUNG CAFE – not for the gelatinously squeamish

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It’s no secret that ELV is a big fan of Vegas’ “Chinatown.” We love all of its funky, healthy, inexpensive and weird idiosyncrasies.

In fact, we pride ourselves in trying to like everything there is to eat there, from durian to beef pizzle.

But we may have run up against it when it comes to a Taiwanese oyster omelet or meatball.

Not that there’s anything off-putting about the taste of either of these, but the element that encases them — a thick, tapioca starch blanket — is so bleeping odd (and tasteless) you can’t get around the fact that you’re chewing on a big, clear piece of gummy KY gak.

Does it have any flavor? Not that we can determine. Does it bring anything to the party, other than a thick piece of starch? No. Disgusting? Not really.

Just odd.

So, this is one time we’ll just have to concede defeat, and admit that the charms of this particular ingredient are beyond our westernized palate.

Aside from that easily avoidable oddity, the food at Ay-Chung Cafe, is worth a trip….especially if you’re like ELV and want to see how the natives eat half way around the world.

The soups and stews are rich and tasty, the boba teas and slushes first rate, and the turkey with rice, pickled vegetables and corn is worth a trip all by itself.

As is something call oval kumquag lemon tea — a sweet, lemony elixir that actually had us asking for a second cup.

Of tea.

Something we normally disdain (everywhere but China, where tea actually tastes like something other than warm water).

So go, don’t bother bringing much $$$, and enjoy being the only round-eye in the joint.

Just avoid the omelets and the meatballs.


5115 West Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146