fresh52 – who knew?

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The fresh52 Farmers Market has been going on every Sunday in a parking lot on Eastern Ave. just south of the I-215 since May of this year, but nobody told ELV until a week ago.

Shame on you farmers market-loving, Michael Pollan-appreciating, locavore-eating, fresh-food-foraging locals and foodies. Shame on you.

Because if you know ELV, you know he wants as his epitaph: “He never met a karamel-korn-free farmers market he didn’t like.”

Truth be told, fresh52 is not entirely karamel-korn-and-trivial-trinket-free, but there is blessedly little kitsch mucking up this market, and the fruits and breads and honeys and vegetables we found there were all worth a trip.

Every Sunday between 8am-2pm.

Be there or be Three Square.

And don’t let it happen again Carrie Hogan!