John Ensign – United States Senator, Raconteur, Magician

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Talking politics with John Ensign (R. Nevada) and hearing his stories about the sturm and drang of life in Washington (D.C., not  Oklahoma), pales in comparison to watching him perform mighty feats of prestidigitation with a couple of wine corks.

For the life of us, we can’t imagine Sharron Angle being this acute…with corks or tea bags.

And we’re not even gonna try to imagine Harry Reid under these circumstances.

Merci beaucoup to Marche Bacchus for supplying the corks to Sen. Ensign, and some pretty tasty (and expensive) fermented grape juice…[imagebrowser id=843]….to ELV, his friends, and, of course, his staff:

5 thoughts on “John Ensign – United States Senator, Raconteur, Magician

  1. John ~ I like that you are above knee-jerk politics. Ensign is a pretty funny guy actually… and many of us here in Sin City have a lot more in common with him than we would care to admit… ;)

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