The Best Bread In Town

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What Carlos Pereira and Bon Breads have done to the quality of food in this town is every bit as seminal as Wolfgang Puck‘s entry into our restaurant scene in 1993.

If someone had told us ten years ago that a local bakery could keep Puck, Pierre Gagnaire, Julian Serrano, Mon Ami Gabi, Le Cirque and dozens of other demanding chefs satisfied, ELV would’ve asked for a hit from their stash.

But Pereira has done what the Wolf Gang did — raise the performance bar throughout the industry in our humble burg, so that substandard or mediocre bread now sticks out like a Big Mac at Bartolotta.

ELV has just finished an article for VEGAS magazine (to be published in two months), so we aren’t going to reveal too many tidbits about what makes this operation great. But suffice it to say, this Lima, Peru native is a uniquely Las Vegas success story — someone who came here to attend UNLV, took part time work in a casino, and found his passion when someone fortuitously placed him him front of the baking ovens at Il Fornaio. From there, his talents took him to Caesars Palace, that had the foresight to send him to the San Francisco Baking Institute, where six months later he emerged with the passion and skill and knowledge to start making artisanal breads the way they do in every other food capital of the world.

The tough part is these breads are only available at restaurants….and at Molto Mario’s Farmers Market…and at fresh52 Farmers Market….and at the numerous charity events Bon Breads donates to. So you have to look a little to find them, but believe ELV, once you grab a loaf, inhale the scent, and inspect the crumb, it’ll be love at first bite.

Here’s a list of where you can find these ethereal loaves, rolls, baguettes and buns:

Ago Flamingo Hotel MGM Signature Sensi
American Fish Fleur De Lys Michael Mina Silverton
Aquaknox Four Seasons Mirage Solk Road
Aria Garfield’s Mon Ami Gabi South Point
Aureole Giusseppes Monte Carlo Spago’s
B&B Ristorante Gold Mozen Stratosphere
Bellagio Gold Cost Mr. Lucky’s Strip Steak
Brand Grind Burger Nine Steakhouse Sun Coast
Brasierre Puck Hard Rock Nove T.English Pub
Brew Pub Hofbrauhaus Olives Tender
Cafe Martorano Il Molino Palazzo The Orlean’s
Carnevino Jean George Palms The Palm
Cathouse Joe’s Seafood and Prime Palms Place Top of the World
Charlie Palmer Johnny Smalls Parma Treasure Island
Chart House Julian Serrano Pasta Shop Trump Tower
Circo Lavo Paymon’s Mediterranean CafĂ© Twin Creeks
Circus Circus Le Cirque Picasso Twist
D.Vino Loew’s Lake Las Vegas Pierro’s Union
DW Bistro Luxor Pods Vdara
El Cortez Mandalay Bay Prime Venentian
Espumoso Mandarin Orientel Pure Group Verandah
Fiamma Marche Baachus Rare 120 Vintner Grill
Firefly Mezzo Rare 120 Wet Republic
First Food and Bar MGM Roxy’s Dinner Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill

5 thoughts on “The Best Bread In Town

  1. Their bacon bread is scary-good. But if you’re just seriously hankering for a great baguette, this is the only one that isn’t dead within 8 hours of taking it home… Eric and I are constantly amazed by the effects of weather (heat, lack of humidity, air) that destroy bread here, and how quickly deterioration begins. Quality bakers here deserve our greatest applause… how sad to see your “children” die before your eyes so quickly after taking it out of the oven.

    Help, bread lovers!

  2. Thanks Tori (foodie extraordinare and The Official Wife of Chef Eric Klein-Spago). Vegas’ altitude (a half mile above sea level) also contributes to the problem. Baking in the desert is a challenge, and yet another reason to admire the care that goes into every Bon Breads loaf.

    To AndyS: all we know is we were at Fresh52 last Sunday, and there was a HUGE display of Bon Breads for sale.

  3. We buy them at the Wed Farmers Market at Bruce Trent Park.
    The bacon and onion and the rosemary and garlic are out of this work.
    We never miss their stand.

  4. Hi Andy S. John is correct. Dawg Daze sells Bon Breads at the fresh52 Farmers’ & Artisan Market. Every Sunday. Jennifer from Bon Breads will be coming out and having a booth at fresh52 @ Tivoli Village. This is scheduled to open on Saturday May 7.

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