HOT N JUICY CRAWFISH…so bad we needed a happy ending

In all the world there is nothing that some man cannot make a little cheaper and sell for a little less, and those who consider price alone are this man’s lawful prey. – John Ruskin

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Would someone please explain to us why this place is so popular with groups of young, Asian women?

Are cheap, difficult-to-eat mudbugs a big deal in Korea, Vietnam, The Philippines, etc.?

Do young gals from Pacific rim countries come to the good ole U.S. of A. craving overcooked corn and muddy-tasting shrimp?

Perhaps, those from the inscrutable Orient enjoy paying by the pound for shells and heads they don’t eat? Could it be they’re so tired of the tasty, thoughtful cuisines of their own countries that they long for garbage bags full of over-steamed seafood that all tastes alike?

Or maybe, just maybe, they like Hot n Juicy Crawfish because it’s cheap?

No matter how nasty it is.

For those who (like Al “Mad Man” Mancini) are going to carp: “ELV is just a snob and can’t appreciate real, down home food,” ELV will tell you he has eaten crawfish since he was a teenager — from N’Awlins to the Northwest; he has eaten buckets of them at Jake’s Famous Crawfish in Portland (Oregon, not Maine); his palate has worked with Jake’s; he knows Jake’s…and Sir Hot n Juicy …YOU are no Jake’s.

Our meal for two with no booze came to $30 + a $5 tip for the extraordinary service of placing, and then removing, two garbage bags of over-steamed food on the table.


4810 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89102


5 thoughts on “HOT N JUICY CRAWFISH…so bad we needed a happy ending

  1. You do great work John, but as soon as you questioned “muddy-tasting shrimp” you lost the argument. So you have eaten crawfish from “N’Awlins to the Northwest” and they were never muddy? Must of been out of the freezer from Sams Club. Looks like I will take a pass on Jake’s.
    I am glad however that I finally get to disagree with you.

  2. I didnt care for the blue crab, but I did rather enjoy the shrimp and crawfish. The puzzling aspect of the meal was why the restaurant only gives you one piece of corn and one piece of potato in the bags. I suppose it likely has something to do with not wanting to fill the customers up on starch and veggies (so that they may be able to order more bags of crustaceans), but it definitely irked me.

    Kinda suprised that you did not remark on the rather attractive front-of-the-house staff they employ (or had employed when I was there)…

  3. You are the biggest Douche bag I have read. Every place you give a bad review I will try, knowing its going to be good. Your taste is fucked up from all the cum that has been eating.

  4. I had to revisit this cos i just ate here last week. Yes i am from one of the countries you mentioned. my family and friends love to eat there because of the juicy shrimps and the experience. we grew up eating with our hands, very casual and relaxed just enjoying our time together near the beach. it’s the sentimental experience that is hard to come by in the desert and most especially if your a continent away where you grew up. hot and juicy is close to asian people’s heart and stomach because of this… something you will never understand or appreciate!!!

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