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Does one meal a review make? Sadly, it does for too many restaurant writers, but ELV has always prided himself on visiting multiple times before writing a positive review, and at least three before getting medieval on someone’s ass

But there are exceptions.

Like Miller’s Ale House.

Conch fritters with no conch. A shrimp po’ boy with no sauce. Industrial, chalky fries. Canned decor (lots of flat screens though!), a pre-fab franchise trying to be “with it” for the fanny packers…yeah, that’s Miller’s.

If you’re a big fan of Applebee’s, you’ll think you died and went to heaven — by way of vapid versions of south Florida’s hillbilly food, and some decent beers.

But once you get past the brewskis and the contest du jour, you’re left with yet another link in Vegas, never-ending, pathetic ode to chain restaurants.

You have been warned.

ELV’s lunch for one with a single beer came to….oh who gives a rat’s ass? If their “specials” and featured items are this bad, it’s a forgone conclusion this place sux for anything edible, no matter what you pay.


6605 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89119


9 thoughts on “MILLER’S ALE HOUSE

  1. Just to get this straight: you visit restaurants you like maybe a half-dozen times before writing a positive review (in order to get your fill of free, tasty food, no doubt, and who can blame you? Certainly not me!). But, when you don’t like the food, you restrict yourself to just three meals before you savage the place.

    Except, of course, in the case of Bachi Burger, which you visited just once by your own admision and then tore apart.

    Oh, and now again, with Miller’s Ale House.

    (There’s a saying among reporters: “Once is an accident, twice a coincidence, three times a trend”. I apologize for using what is probably an unfamiliar journalistic expressions, but I’m sure you’re excited to know you’re on the verge of starting a trend.)

    How about setting yourself some unwavering professional standards and visiting EVERY RESTAURANT three times before putting fingers to keyboard?

    I know, I know, that’s a lot to ask of someone who has the arduous task of eating all of the time. It’s not as if you had some cushy job like, say, running a restaurant or cooking for a living.

  2. JC… When one of our culinary brethren accepts the twice in a lifetime invitation to judge Iron Chef but his last restaurant review is on the newly opened Miller Ale House in Town Square leaves me to wonder why I’m writing a run on sentence and what in the hell you’re doing at MAHouse. I was not itching to try there, why in the H E double hockey sticks were you? That should be your lesson learned!!!!

  3. FYI: ELV visited Bachi Burger twice, and ate practically everything on its menu before writing his review. He never “admitted” to only going once, but if the owner or chef of Bachi Burger wants to maintain that fiction to make themselves feel better, so be it.

    (Reality) Check Please makes a better point. The only reason we drifted to MAH was because we had eaten in Nu Sanctuary and Yardhouse on successive days, and needed to kill an hour in that end of town. Mea culpa. Every so often we like to slum it by hitting a chain restaurant, and hope against hope we will be pleasantly surprised by something. With the exceptions of Popeye’s, In-and-Out and Smashburger, we rarely are.

    In retrospect, ELV should’ve gone to Panevino (where he’ll be lunching today) or back to Bachi (where they’d probably spit in ELV’s food — IF they had a clue who he is or what he is all about, which clearly, these youngsters do not. (ELV blames reality TV, video games, and the films of Michael Bay for their lack of cultural sophistication and awareness.)

  4. To (unnessessarily) speak in ELV’s defense, anyone can tell from the first time you walk into a restaurant whether the front of the house cares or is trying to provide a minimal level or service, whether the ingredients in the food are fresh and good quality, and whether food is cooked well. Bottom line–does someone here have a passion about what is going on.

    John, I appreciate that you write your thoughts about everywhere you go. It gives me a baseline of your expectations. I’m very suspicious of restaurant writers that say that everywhere they go is GREAT! and am very happy to read a good snarky review.

    Keep it up!

  5. If this is anything like the Ale House in Orlando, stick to the Grilled or Blackened Mahi Burger, the Zingers and the cold beers. They never disappoint.

  6. Luckily I am aware that an opinion is just an opinion. A critic is just sharing their opinion. Sometimes they are interesting and/or entertaining. We can’t judge or consider an opinion a truth. Mr. ELV doesn’t always have opinions that I agree with as expected since we are not twinsies or clones. I appreciate the sharing, value the words, and if I feel like it, I try stuff for myself. As I did with Bachi Burger and Match. These are places where I have a very different opinion than ELV does.

  7. OPINIONS are for the schelps in this world with no real voice.

    I dont always agree with ELV, but I do valid his perspective, and his perspective is what creates dialog.

    Remember in that great cartoon movie ratatouille, when the food critic comes in to have dinner from the new chef. They ask what hey will be having; the critic says something on the lines, perspective.

    Thats what it is all about, perspective. Granted once again I dont always agree with ELV, but he has proven his self throughout my time in Las Vegas; with 2 iron chef showings, speaking out clearly about his dislikes towards these meag resort restaurants and over hype of being a chef; I believe ELV is definetly a name stay in the community, which is beyond an opinion.

    ELV; your criticism of anthony bourdain is true but over blown. You guys are two different pieces on the same playing field.

    So Donna wilburn, enjoy the your life as a god fearing lemming.

  8. J.C wrote it best, and was spot-on.

    Simply put: Industrial taste, poor service.

    I will never go back.

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