More MONTA Magnificence

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ELV has now eaten the entire menu at Monta.

Not that hard really…it only took two trips and less than $80.

Everything is magnificent. Tasty, intense, precisely made, and criminally cheap.

Let’s leave it at that.

And you should leave whatever you’re doing and head there for lunch, or a midday bowl of ramen, or dinner soon.

Yeah, it’s that good.

You’re welcome.


5030 West Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146

(No listing or phone yet that ELV could find. How very Japanese of them!)

4 thoughts on “More MONTA Magnificence

  1. So I’m in bed nursing a brutal absinthe hangover on Sunday. I hit your site shortly after deadspin and So there I am, pounding temples and dry mouth reading your MONTA review on my iPhone. You tell a compelling story senor Curtas, because 10 minutes later I was saying goodbye to my dog, hopping into my car, and working my way down the 15 to spring Mt. All in the name of having piping hot soup in 115 degree weather.

    Like the good jew I am I ordered the Tonkotsu with sliced pork. I didn’t expect it to taste the way it did. I’ve never had a rich type broth like that. It is almost, like they describe it, gravy like. That being said, it was easily the best ramen I’ve ever had. It did wonders for my hangover too. So thankyou for the guidance sir.

    BTW, when is the thrashing of Millers Ale House coming?

  2. Yeah but I didn’t get to see the other Monta review..where is that? Where are the archives?? Need more Monta!

  3. John I had lunch at Monta today. From the time I received my bowl of Ramen and plate of Gyoza to total empty dishes was 12 minutes flat. It was so good I did not realize I ate it so quickly. I will definitely go back. Thank you for finding these awesome places to eat.

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