MIX ZONE CAFE – Dan’s Summer Salad

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In honor of our review of Mix Zone Cafe being published tommorrow in the Las Vegas Weekly, we thought we’d feature one of Chef Dan Coughlin‘s killer noodle dishes — a “salad” of chopped greens over flat, creamy rice noodles on top of a small, unctuous Thai omelet, all dressed with his special Thai-waterfall sauce.

Dan tells us that “waterfall sauce” — a mixture of fish sauce, lemon juice, palm sugar, green onions, cilantro and dried chilies — is a standard Thai condiment in almost every Thai home, but that you rarely see it in Thai restaurants in America. It goes great on meat, fish, rice or vegetables, and really goes great as a salad dressing over the aforementioned lettuce, noodles and eggs.

The whole shebang costs $9.

Just thought you’d like to know.

And since we make a semi-obscure reference in that review to a musical group that anyone over forty (except of course, the uber-hip ELV) probably has never heard of, here is their video for your hipster musical edification, illumination and delectation:


2202 West Charleston Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV 89102-2226