GREENLAND SUPERMARKET – Korean Food Court Kravings with the Wrays

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ELV knows about as much about Korean food as he does about the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930.

But he also knows if you don’t know a cuisine, the next best thing is to sidle up to folks who do.

That’s where our friend William J. (Call Me Bill) Wray comes in.

It’s not that we sidle up to Bill as much as we keep running into him whenever we’re eating Korean.

We know Bill likes Korean so much he went so far as to actually marry someone who hales from there.

And they went so far as to actually have a family of great looking kids and grand-kids, all of whom like nothing better than to chow down on quality Korean grub. Secondarily, they like to point out to ELV the details of what he’s eating, and patiently explain to him how and why he should’ve ordered something else.

It’s great to have friends like William J. (Call Me Bill) Wray.

Especially when you always run into them while they’re eating good Korean food.

It’s so great, ELV is proposing a NationalAdopt-a-Korean-American-Family-Month, so every American can have their own good looking, multi-cultural, Korean-American clan to lead them through the wonders of this wonderful cuisine.

Once you adopt your chosen family, we’re guessing they’ll take you the Greenland Supermarket on west Spring Mountain Road, where the food court is loaded with all manner of mandu (dumplings and super-sized dumplings), soups, noodles and meats at prices that are criminally cheap and family-friendly….making it the perfect place to get a Korean food education.

All of which makes ELV suggest making today National-Take-A-Korean-To-Lunch Day.

Which, we guarantee, will be a lot more fun than National Beheading Day.


6850 West Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89146


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  1. I’d just like to say that I’m totally available if anyone would like to Adopt a Korean- American and take them out to lunch. Thanks John!

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