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ELV wants to know one thing and only one thing: Who did Mastro’s have to blow to get such a prime piece of real estate in the Crystals Mall?

We’re not saying the food is bad here, but with every bite, we wished we were at Palm, Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris.

It’s a pretty sad state of affairs when a chain steakhouse, in such an awesome setting, has food that isn’t in the same league as those three’s tired and true formulas.

Exhibit One: the seared tuna steak pictured above. Have you ever seen such an obscene display of too much of one fish? As an entree for one?

But that’s the way they do things here: big and bad(ly).

One the plus side, our Kansas City Strip (basically a larger loin steak with some bone attached) was a good steak, properly cooked, and the butter cake was as addictive as ever. And they gave us enough schlag to clog an army’s arteries.

Also, we have to thank uber-designer Todd Avery Lenehan (an Official Friend Of ELV), for picking up the tab. Like us, he is enthralled with the architecture (and probably let his sense of great design trump his otherwise impeccable taste).

Everything else was so ordinary, it left us hankerin’ for some shrimp remoulade, a steak a la Stone, and some cellophane-wrapped vegetables.

It’s been days and we still can’t get that grotesque image of a solid foot of sliced, seared, mushy, tasteless tuna out of our brains.

And we also can’t forget how hot and sticky the chairs were (causing ELV’s derriere to…uh…well, you get the idea), and how slow the service was.

So we’ll just try to remember the nice time we had at Krista Darnold’s birthday, and the fact that we didn’t have to pay for anything, and leave it at that.


In the Crystals Mall

3720 Las Vegas Blvd. South

Las Vegas, NV 89109


10 thoughts on “MASTRO’S Blows

  1. Tuna looks like it on a platter to be served “family-style.”

    I’m very sad this place sucks. I remember walking past after it was built, and spending about 10 minutes amazed at the design.

  2. For what was basically a positive dining experience, this sure has a negative spin and ignorantly rude headline.
    I’m not sure what looks so unappetizing about the Tuna.
    Too generous a portion? Maybe for Sashimi.
    Also, you call it an appetizer and an entree in separate parts of the article/photos.

  3. Ive eaten at the one in OC, and it was ok.
    Sorry Cuz, its better than Palm, Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris.
    NOT better than Flemmings, DelFriscos, Cut, Delmonicos, etc etc etc….so why go there when you can go elsewhere for better food.

  4. The Beverly Hills location is very good as is their Newport restaurant. Ive been to the Phoenix and Scottsdale locations too, but this location is awful.

  5. Manos37, tuna, even when the outside is seared is supposed to be bright red in color…It looks brown and slimey. The lack of color and corseness of the grain indicate that it is a low quality piece of fish.

  6. We just had lunch there. The site is great and the food was not bad. However, when looking at the bill after returning home……..$21 for a Belvedere martini “up” and $15 for one on the rocks…….quite pricey for locals, that’s for sure! Back to the Palm and Capital Grille!

  7. ELV admits the headline is a bit rude….but then again, so are the prices Mastro’s charges for what is, at best, mediocre steakhouse food.

    And with all due respect to “John” and my ‘Cuz Troy Polee, I find the steaks and sides at Ruth’s Chris, Morton’s and Palm to be tastier than those I’ve had at any of my four meals at Mastro’s.

    Thanks to all for the comments (and for the spirited disagreements!)

    Bon appetit,


  8. Totally get ‘wit’ behind the title of ELV’s review, because the restaurant totally looks like, well…..a wooden woody (with sack).

    When I first saw the pictures of the wood ‘sculpture’ in the middle of Crystals, I’m like – “why is no one commenting on this thing that looks like a giant erection? and BTW who is going in the space?” Well now we know, a sub-first-tier steakhouse.

    My first vote goes to Carenvino, second….(don’t dismiss me) Smith & Wollensky.. its all about the superior beef, aging and consistency.
    Just curious, do they sell Rocky Mountain Oysters at Mastro’s?

  9. Couldn’t agree more. Tasteless, took forever to come out, fatty, sides were bland and boring. Best part of the meal was the “welcome: bread”.

    My steaks trump Mastro’s easy!

    Oh, and they talk about a “Chef’s cut”…yea, uhh, there aren’t any chefs there. If they are, they’re first round failures off of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’.


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